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        My name is Tabitha Maxson and I live in Pine Island Minnesota. One thing I would like people to know is that its not about the money you spend on the horse.  I believe that its about the talent the horse possesses, and what you as the rider make of it. 

         I'm not in the business of buying/selling/trading horses, these are horses I have time and love invested into. 

Life Long Love

          I have had horses or ponies in my life as long as I can remember.  I started riding at about 2 1/2 years old and I don't think I ever looked back.  When I was 10 my step mom thought it would be a great idea to force my brother, sister, and I into 4-h.  I suppose to keep us out of trouble but little did she know that she was going to influence me in a direction she didn't want me to go.... Barrel Racing.  My sister and I would ride when we were supposed to be doing chores and the horses were our top priority.  I've had some highs and some Lows in my horse life, but my rock bottom was loosing my best friend Indy.  I lost Indy the 24th of April 2004 and my life drastically changed after I lost him. Since then I would love to say that things in my horse life have changed but in reality....they haven't.  I love my horses like they are my kids and try to give them the best but they are by no means they are spoiled.  I have taken all the knowledge that Indy taught me and I've applied that to Harley, who has taught me so much and I've applied that to belle and so on and so forth.  I've also learned if it doesn't work on this horse, it will probably work on another horse so keep it tucked away for that rainy day!

I would like to thank:

      My Sponsors, be sure to check out my sponsors page and let me know if you have any questions!

      My mom for being my angel on earth and the fuel behind my fire, you have given me so much strength in my life.  You are the reason behind my passion and my drive.  Thank you for all your patience and support, you are the best!

       My sister Shalon, for being my constant competition and always pushing my buttons, you keep me on my toes.




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